Dronies de Veracruz


We created the first ever YouTube-based campaign to promote the State of Veracruz, Mexico, as a tourist destination. Mexico is a country with many attractions and Veracruz is competing to attract visitors with other States that have world-renowned wonders.

We developed a creative strategy to nurture the Internet with a great volume of new and attractive images of Veracruz. First, we produced a video with Alex Chacon, a travel vlogger with a great fan base in social media. The video was entirely shot with “dronies”, a new generation of selfies taken from a drone. Second, we set a series of “Dronie Stations”  in different location in Veracruz so that visitors can take a dronie of themselves for free in the varied and stunning settings of the state. These videos were uploaded to a new YouTube channel from which visitors are still sharing their experiences and stunning images of Veracruz till this day.

Veracruz became the first destination of the world to provide its visitors with a free drone service, making it the “dronie capital of the world”

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